Text Message Communications

We are in the process of sending out a “Text Question” to our patients, asking for consent to receive text messages from the practice.

We have been using text messages to send appointment reminders to patients for several years. We now want to extend the use of text messages to include other communications, such as chronic disease review invites and requests to make an appointment for bloods or with a GP. Before we can use texts for these additional communications we need patients to consent to this.

The “Text Question” will come in the form a text message asking for your consent. This message will ask you to “Reply 1 for Yes and 2 for No” to give or decline your consent. Please note, if you decide to decline consent we will no longer be able to send you appointment reminders by text message.

To communicate with you by text message we need to have your current mobile number on our records. If you need to let us know that you have a new mobile number you can do this by completing our Communication Consent Form. Alternatively, you can let the reception team know the next time you phone the practice.

Thank you.